Do you have an idea for a course you’d like to sell? Let us help you.

Our sweet spot is helping non-profits who relied on in-person trainings pre-COVID. We will work with your program to make sure it translates well to an online mode of learning. We will also help remove various bottlenecks so your course potentially reaches thousands, not dozens.

Why work with Lakelands? Here are a few reasons:

  • We are interested in building up people, not tearing them down. All of our courses promote the common good.
  • Our courses are curated to follow a general set of common themes. We don’t do car repair or cat-grooming courses; we DO host trainings that aid in cultural diversity, pluralism, tolerance, health, and the prosperity of society.
  • We charge no monthly fees for our services. We make money when you make money, so we are motivated to help you be successful.
  • We’ll provide hands-on-help getting your course set up. You won’t be left alone to figure it all out.

Interested? Let’s schedule a conversation about your project.